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From: ALL <thegreatall[@]gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:54:28 -0600

For the last few months Christoph and I (Nathan Bruer) have been working
on this general API/Client to xDebug.

The idea of the project is to only require PHP without using any other
languages like C/C++, Java, Perl, Python. Since it is a PHP debugger, we
figured that the people already have PHP installed so why not just use PHP
for our base client.

The beauty of this client is that it can be accessed from anywhere through
the web if it is properly configured. The way it works is it listens on
port 9000 (by default) when activated and stays in the background. When a
connection is made it writes the response to a file and reads data that
needs to be sent to xDebug from another file. The idea was to make it as
universal as possible, and also makes it easy for anyone to send and
receive commands to and from xDebug.

For the programmers out there...

Part of the idea of the project is to allow it to be easily altered to
meet anyone's needs. It uses extended classes to detect things like when
someone connects/disconnects when data is received or sent, exc...

There is phpdoc code, but I plan on expanding upon it.

I just wanted to announce the project and if someone was already working
on a similar idea that they can use ours as it is licensed under the LGPL

Comments suggestions?

-Nathan Bruer

PS: the test client is not fully working and it will be expanded upon in
the short future.
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