[xdebug-general] PHP DBGP Client

From: Christoph Dorn <christoph[@]christophdorn.com>
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 20:59:01 -0700

Great work on the Xdebug extension!

Does anyone have a basic/partial or complete PHP client to the DBGP
protocol they can share?

Found one comment by Sean mentioning one at:

I am looking at building an xdebug client into the www.firephp.org
firefox extension via a proxy that runs on the server.

I have started playing with a basic listener socket on port 9000 but
don't have enough experience with the socket functions and concepts to
implement the core receiving and sending of commands and stdin/stderr

Would someone be able to assist me in implementing some of the core
communication components (in PHP) so I can continue with the
higher-level logic?

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