[xdebug-general] Wish and idea for supporting break command

From: Jun Monnai <monnai[@]anchorsystems.co.jp>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 17:00:20 +0900

Hello Derick and everyone,

Currently Xdebug does not accept break command while
the language engine is running.

I guess that the main reason of it is performance.
Checking in-comming command on every statement execution
is too expensive. May be my guess is wrong.

So, how about checking in-comming (break) command every
100 (or 255, whatever) statements execution.

This way, performance down should not be so bad, and
at least I can break the target execution from debugger
client without restarting Apache ;-)

I hope you like this idea.

Best regards,

Jun Monnai, Anchor Systems Corp.
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