[xdebug-general] profiler output filenames

From: David Sklar <sklar[@]sklar.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 18:41:51 +0200

Three things I've run into w/r/t output filenames from the profiler:

1. With profiler_output_name set to 'script' and with auto_prepend_file
is set, the auto_prepend file is used for the output filename, not the
main script being executed. I suppose this sort of makes sense, in a
way, since it's the auto_prepend_file's op array that kicks things off,
but if it was easy to change what is passed to xdebug_profiler_init() so
that it reflected the actual script being executed, that would be swell.

2. Along those lines, I am working on a site where just about everything
goes through a single PHP file, but then query string parameters or path
info controls what happens. So it would be double-swell if there was a
profiler_output_name option to use the request uri, not just the
filename, for the cache output file.

3. Also handy (for requests that might come in very close to each other)
would be something like xdebug_profiler_output=microtimestamp that would
use gettimeofday() instead of time() and include the fractional piece to
separate the output files.

If there's interest in #3, I'll prepare a patch. If there's interest in
#1 or #2 and someone can point me at where the necessary information can
be found (current script filename and current request uri), I'll put
together patches for those, too.

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