[xdebug-general] how would you find performance loss?

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Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007 15:31:36 +0000


the subject sais it, but i'm sure this question has been asked a few times
(altough i couldn't find something which really helps)
to ask the question in a different way: how to interpret cachegrind data?

one of my problems is: what does cumulative mean? or: what is cumulated? and
what means self vs. cumulated?
i mean if a function is called 10 times within 1 request and the function
takes 1 second per call, what does cumulated and self mean? or how are these
values affected? (by only 1 request or by many?)

i'm using wincachegrind to view the data i'm not sure if i interpret it

but the main question would be how would you find a performance problem?
what indicates a problem and what not?
in my application, the php script waits within a loop for request's
and this function which waits takes 90% which makes sense, since it runs a
long time, but only a few milliseconds the script does something different
than "waiting" for the next request
which means the "wait for next request" function affects or tampers the
performance data
but how do i find the real performance problem?

btw: if i do 10 requests, which one is saved in the cachegrind file? an
average over all 10 requests? or the last one?

thx for your time!

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