[xdebug-general] Socket Connection When XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP issued

From: Dave Kelsey <d_kelsey[@]uk.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 11:20:08 +0000

Hi Derick, I know that I raised the issue before and you changed it, but I
have thought of a reason why a debug client might want a socket connection
when a XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP is issued. In the scenario with a multi request
script, a debug client may sit and wait listening for another socket to
created when the user interacts with the script (to debug the next
request). However they may wish to terminate the debug session. The debug
client issues XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP on one thread, but another thread is
blocked listening on the port. That thread gets unblocked when the socket
is established. It knows it is terminating so can close the socket and the
debug client can terminate.

Would it be possible to support the option to define whether a socket is
established or not on a XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP through the feature facilities
of XDebug. This would allow for clients coded to the current behaviour of
XDebug to continue without change ?

Many thanks

Dave Kelsey
Received on Wed Nov 01 2006 - 12:18:03 GMT

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