[xdebug-general] wanting to get extra Super global information

From: Dave Kelsey <d_kelsey[@]uk.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 18:11:39 +0100

In my test environment, my $_SERVER super global has about 53 children. My
feature set for max_children is 32. When I issue
"context_get -i 223 -c 1"
I don't get all the entries in my $_SERVER superglobal, which is fine. I
present to the user just this information, but allow them to
view the rest of the information if they click on the tree.
When the user clicks on the tree I invoke the command
"property_get -i 224 -n $_SERVER -d 0 -m 32 -p 1"

This command works fine if the PHP script is executing and is currently at
stack level 0, but if it is at a deeper stack level, eg nested into one or
more functions
then the command fails with the error 300, cannot get the property, even if
$_SERVER is referenced in that function. So I need to specify -d as the
value of
the current stack depth that the script is currently at (irrespective of
that stack depth I am actually interested in for the other variables) so if
I have a total stack depth of
4, I would need to invoke the command
"property_get -i 224 -n $_SERVER -d 3 -m 32 -p 1"

I was hoping that I could do a property_get on $_SERVER and specify any
stack depth or no stack depth at all as I thought superglobals aren't
really related to
any stack depth.
Does this constitute a bug in XDebug 2.0.0rc1 ?

Many thanks

Dave Kelsey
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