[xdebug-general] Re: 2 Queries about XDebug 2.0.0rc1

From: Dave Kelsey <d_kelsey[@]uk.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 16:15:38 +0100

Hi Derick, many thanks for the response. I have raised the defect. In the
second case, here is an example
standalone program I quickly tested with.


$level0_a = "Level0_a";
$prog_global = date('Y-m-d\TH:i:s0');

function level1() {
      global $prog_global;
    echo "prog_global at level1 = " .$prog_global ."\n";
    echo "level0_a at level1 = " . $level0_a . "\n";
      $level1_a = "Level1_a";
      $level1_b = "Level1_b";
      $level1_c = "Level1_c";
      $level1_d = "Level1_d";
      $level1_e = "Level1_e";
      $level1_f = "Level1_f";


function level2() {
      global $prog_global;
      global $level2_a;
    echo "prog_global at level2 = " .$prog_global ."\n";

      $level2_a = "Level2_a";
      $level2_b = "Level2_b";
      $level2_c = "Level2_c";
      $level2_d = "Level2_d";


function level3() {
      global $level2_a;
      echo "level2_a = " .$level2_a ."\n";
      echo "prog_global at level3 = " .$prog_global ."\n";
      $level3_a = "Level3_a";
      $level3_b = "Level3_b";
      $level3_c = "Level3_c";
      $level3_d = "Level3_d";

      echo "reached the end";

what I did was set a break point at the "reached the end" echo line in
function level3().

When I do a get of the global variables I get back the following variables

level0_a = "level0_a"
prog_global = "2006-10-17T15:59:400"

The last 7 I expect, but I don't to see level0_a or prog_global, as they
are not available to
that function.

In fact if a do a context get for the variables in the stack frame that
represents where I am in level3, I get the variables

prog_global - uninitialized

What I am trying to show is all the variables that are available to the
level3 function, so all the super globals are available
all the local variables are available, but level0_a should not be present
and prog_global shows uninitialized which is a bit
more strange as I get the message "Notice: Undefined variable: prog_global
in C:\udata-eclipse\phpide025\testXdebug\PhpCode\FunctionVarTest.php on
line 39" so wouldn't expect to se prog_global as a local variable for that

When I display information about this level, I query all the gobals, then
the local variables at that context depth and this is where
the globals seems to be include the top level context local variables as

I hope this helps.

Best regards
Dave Kelsey

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006, Dave Kelsey wrote:

> Hi, I have been playing around with XDebug (really like what I see so
> and came across a couple of issues which maybe someone can help me with
> 1. If I invoke a PHP script fom a browser with XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP, I see
> that XDebug tries to create a socket to a debug server (in the same
> as XDEBUG_SESSION_START does). I was not expecting this to happen as a
> implies that I don't wish to continue debugging. Is this the expected
> behaviour on a STOP ?

I can't see a reason for this. Could you please file a bug report this
at http://bugs.xdebug.org ?

> 2. When I get the variables for a global context (context_get -c 1) It
> also appears to include all the local variables from the top stack frame,
> but these variables
> are local and not global so I wasn't expecting them to be listed. Is this
> the expected behaviour ?

Hmm, what do you mean with the top stack frame? The scope that is the
current execution scope or the one that is the scripts entry point in
the request?

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