[xdebug-general] Time unaccounted for

From: Marcus Bointon <marcus[@]synchromedia.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 06:08:56 +0100

I'm trying to track down a major performance problem in a class using
the profiler and kcachegrind. One method takes by far the longest,
and it doesn't call any further functions, so I can't drill down any
further. The source for this class is 73 lines, but when I view
source in kcchegrind, I see that the biggest chunks of time occur in
this class on lines 144 and 179, places that just don't exist (and
they are displayed as blank lines with the time values next to them)!
If I add up the time values for the actual function calls that are
there in the source view, it comes to about 3, but these nonexistent
lines add another 72, which is destroying my performance! Where is
this extra time going? Where are these blank lines coming from?

The code is in a tight loop, and I'm running from CLI for now, so the
output files can get quite big (80M or so) if I let them - could I
just be seeing xdebug overhead in writing the profile output?



Marcus Bointon
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