[xdebug-general] XDebug Segfault Capabilities

From: Erik Osterman <e[@]osterman.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 10:53:14 -0700


I'm tearing my hair out trying to solve a certain segmentation fault in
one of my PHP5 server (i.e. non-cgi) applications. The application has
grown to the point where not having a comprehensive debugger is a real
pain. The pain, however, isn't that that I can't figure out what causes
some exception; the pain is that I can't figure out what causes (from
the PHP perspective) particular segfaults. In the past couple months
I've had to tackle countless segfaults, mostly due to PHP 5's broken
(IMHO) reference implementation (the fix in my cases have usually been
to clone a particular object). Now I'm stuck and at my wits end. Without
being more familiar with the PHP internals, gdb is of limited usefulness.

Can XDebug correlate lines of php code to a segfault much like gdb with
C code? Or is it only useful for tracking down exceptions and errors not
related to segfaults? The latter being my expectation.

Either way, if anyone has advice on tracking down segfaults related to
PHP applications I'd appreciate hearing from you. Unfortunately, I have
no way of creating "reproduce" code and must therefor tackle this on my own.

Best Regards,

Erik Osterman
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