[xdebug-general] How to interpret data? (WinCacheGrind) + 2 feature requests (Xdebug)

From: Jan Piotrowski <piotrowski[@]gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 00:11:11 +0200

Hey list, hey Derick.

Now that Xdebug is working correctly I tried to profile some of my
scripts and analyze it using WinCacheGrind. I have no linux box here,
else I would try KcacheGrind, it seems to have lot more features.

1. I see how many calls were made to a function and how long it needed
to execute it (self and cumulative). Shouldn't the times displayed
for the functions add up to the execution time xdebug_time_index()
displayed me at the end of the script?

2. Only functions are profiled as far as I understood it. Is there no
way to see how much time the script needs for things like $foo[] =
$bar; etc?

Then 2 things I experience as limitations:

a) There seems to be no way to generate a new profile file for every
request to a script under Windows.
xdebug.profiler_output_name="timestamp" generates filenames like this:
cachegrind.out.14168 which are replaced with every request. Is there
an other way?

b) Parameters submitted via a query in a request are not represented
in the profile files. Would be nice if this could be changed in one of
the future versions.

Well, now I only can hope that my questions weren't absolutely dumb :)

/ Jan
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