[xdebug-general] DBGp - Eval, property_get, & property_value

From: Jared Phelps <jared[@]sharingds.org>
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 13:52:40 -0700

Hello Derick & all XDebuggers-
First and foremost, AMAZING work on this extension and the DBGp protocol Derick. All hail.

I'm writing a PHP IDE using XDebug and the DBGp protocol. I have the basic start, stop, and set breakpoints working, and am currently implementing a "watch window" feature. I just can't seem to get the behavior I'm looking for. I get the feeling that "eval" is a bit better suited to the functionality of a watch window (since in some IDEs you can do things like $x = 1 via watch). But that only sends me back a property address. Then I can't get at the property contents because I don't have a long name to ask for, only the address.

So given the code below, I set the breakpoint at the line "$y = 7".

$z = new Test();
$x = 3;
$y = 7;
class Test
 var $y = 2,$x = 3;

 How can I get the value of $z, and all its children? In the debug client, property_value gives me this:
<response command="property_value" transaction_id="jared" type="object" children="1" classname="test" numchildren="2"></response>

Useful stuff, but how would I get the rest of the children? Similarly, how would I do function calls, assignments, and so-on with "watch window like" functionality? The dbgp documentation is pretty good, but a little lacking on these points. Sorry if it's in there and I missed it somehow.

Thanks again for the great work and willingness to give something so valuable away for free.
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