[xdebug-general] Re: Xdebug: line number as breakpoint -problem

From: Pasi Hietamäki <paanhi[@]utu.fi>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 11:31:21 +0200

> > ---------------------------------
> > xdebug.remote_handler=gdb
> > ---------------------------------
> I don't quite develop more on that protocol, please use the dbgp
> one if you can.
Ok, when using the dbgp the file & line number combination works. The reason why I wanted to use the old protocol is that it's used by the Weaverslave editor.

> > The Debug Client states: "1 Breakpoint set on file:line combination."
> > and I can list it with show-breakpoints. But when I type: 'run' it
> > just don't break at the wanted line.
> How exactly are you setting your break point? What is the full command
> that you used?
I tried with the older pre-compiled Windows Debug client 0.7.3 (GDB):
(init C:\tmp\test.php) break C|/tmp/test.php:15
(init C:\tmp\test.php) break test.php:15
(init C:\tmp\test.php) break C|\tmp\test.php:15
...all stated that the breakpoint is set but none of them really breaked.
And I also tried with the Weaverslave 4 beta 3.9.18 that uses the first notation (break C|/tmp/test.php:15)

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