[xdebug-general] Problem: No $this with PHP 5.0.5 / xDebug 1.3.3dev

From: Christof J. Reetz <cjr[@]netplan.de>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 11:39:19 +0200

Hello Listmembers,

I'm unable to get the value of the $this variable when being inside a
class member function.

I'm using PHP 5.0.5 with the xDebug 1.3.3dev on a linux machine. I've
compiled both PHP and xDebug myself. xDebug talks with the DGB protocol
to my client. When the client sends e.g.

print this (even tried print $this)

xDebug answers with

<xdebug><error><code>1032</code><message>This symbol does not exist or
is not yet initialized.</message></error></xdebug>

The list of local variables with


only contains the simple data members of my class.

Any suggestions?


Christof J. Reetz
Prinz-Carl-Anlage 20
67547 Worms
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