[xdebug-general] Call to undefined function xdebug_start_profiling()

From: Alexander Rebholz <a.rebholz[@]gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 11:20:03 +0000

I am useing xdebug V. 2.0.0.beta1 on Windows XP and Apache 2/PHP 5.0.4..
phpinfo() lists the xdebug extension.

If I try to use "xdebug_start_profiling()" in my PHP script I get the
error message "Call to undefined function xdebug_start_profiling()".
Thus I cannot use "xdebug_dump_function_profile()" neither.

However if I use 'xdebug.profiler_enable = "1";' in my php.ini the
cachgrind.out file is created correctly. So it must work somehow. But
I would also like to use the on-screen profiling output to test only
parts of my script.

What other configuration settings are required to to make it work?

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