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From: Phil Duffy <phil[@]bearingasset.com>
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> Okay, does Xdebug now show up in php.ini? (Next to the Zend logo)

I see the Zend Engine2 logo, but no Xdebug logo or other reference to

> > What steps do I need to take at this point?
> I am not sure what you are trying to do... can you point out what your
> goal is?

I believe you have answered one question which is to what extent can I rely
on Chapter 12 of Essential PHP Tools. I understand your answer is that it
is useful only for general knowledge since it assumes Xdebug 1.3 and not
Xdebug 2.

My primary goal is to install Xdebug on this Windows XP system. After that,
I will try to analyze the documentation (which you suggest should be
adequate) to learn how to operate it. I thought Essential PHP Tools might
give me some insights, but apparently it is limited at this point.

Thanks for your help to this point.

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