[xdebug-general] Any software/script for better *.xt file output?

From: Mariusz Nowak <xdebug.list[@]medikoo.com>
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 01:40:20 +0200

I wonder if there's any software or php script.. that will read script
execution analysis xdebug output (.xt files) and produce from it nice
more readable and customizable screen output. (like there's KcacheGrind
for cachegrind.out)?
I couldn't find anything and I know only of quite nice html table output
which was with 1.0 ver.. but it's no more available with xdebug 2.0 ver.
I'm now in a middle of writing such nice script. I want to make sure
that I'm not wasting too much time with that... huh :)

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