[xdebug-general] Re: xdebug breakpoints and profiling

From: Linus McCabe <Linus[@]mccabe.nu>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 19:47:09 +0200

On Tuesday 02 August 2005 15.09, you wrote:
> > Furthermore, when i try to set conditional breakpoints, xdebug says it
> > doesent support that breakpoint type. Doesent it? How can I query a DGBp
> > debugger about the different kind of breakpoints it supports?
> I don't think you can query for this, the protocol doesn't allow this,
> but you do get an correct error code/message back in this case, so it's
> not that much of a problem, is it? And I do want to support conditional
> breakpoints in the future.

Well, I'd like to disable the coditional breakpoints controls in the user
interface at start rather than telling the user it didnt work after they
already entered an expression to break at.

I've submitted a bug report with a suggested resolution, but since I'm not
that familiar with the xdebug source yet, I'm not certain it's sufficient.

> > Also, is there a way to control profiling by using the DGBp protocol? I'd
> > like to be able to turn it on and specify during the initial 'Starting'
> > period. If this isnt currently possible, would you consider implementing
> > it or accept a patch that does (if I sent you a patch of good enough
> > quality)?
> I definitely want to do this, if you can come up with a patch -> great.

I might have a look at this later, but since i found out that you can control
it with request vars, thats good enough for me right now. Id rather do it
throught the protocol, but I'm a bit pressed for time...

> > Also, either I'd like to receive the filename of the dump or the actual
> > dump through the DBGp channel after the debugging is over.
> We should provide functions for this in the "stopping" state AFAIK.

Yes, but there is no stopping state yet in xdebug, is there? (querying
'supports_postmortem' suggests it isnt anyway ;)
Anyway, I've submitted a suggestion about the filename to the bug db as well,
the actual dump I might look into later.

> > My last question is about typemap_get, XDebug supports the hash type, but
> > it doesent specify that it maps to hash. Should a DGBp implementation
> > excpect the basic types to map to themselfed (ie hash -> hash, int ->
> > int, etc) if they're not specified? Or is it a bug of XDebug that it
> > doesent send information about 'hash' ?
> It should have information about that - if you have time for a patch,
> please provide one - otherwise please provide a bugreport.

Both in the bug db already ;)

> > The DGBp documentation is ood, but as you might understand from my
> > questions, it lacks a few things ;). Also, it would be great if it was
> > documented (perhaps it is?) what XDebug supports more in detail.
> You mean dbgp wise?

Well, i meant 'good' if that wasnt clear. What I also meant was that the DBGp
protocol documentation is fine, but what I'm missing is documentation for
XDebug specificly and what it supports and not in the protocol (since, for
example, i cant query it for what breakpoints types it supports)

In a perfect world, ie when every feature can be queried through feature_get,
a specific xdebug documentation wouldnt be required I suppose (but perhaps a
simple table with supported features wouldnt hurt).
But I kept thinking I did something wrong with things like conditional
breakpoints and "feature_get breakpoint_set" when I got strange replies..



> regards,
> Derick
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