[xdebug-general] Installing XDebug under Cygwin. Shared library "xdebug.so" missed...

From: Stas Fomin <stas-fomin[@]yandex.ru>
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 18:30:08 +0400

 I just download XDebug-1.3.2. and
try to install it (under Cyrwin)
according http://www.xdebug.org/install.php.
But after completing build process
I get "xdebug.a" instead of "xdebug.so"
in modules directory.

I repeat the build with
"./configure --with-debug --enable-shared=yes"
and with CVS sources - The result remains the same.

Have you any idea how to fix it?

       Sincerely, Stas Fomin


$ phpize
Configuring for:
PHP Api Version: 20020918
Zend Module Api No: 20020429
Zend Extension Api No: 20021010
/usr/share/aclocal/pkg.m4:5: warning: underquoted definition of PKG_CHECK_MODULES
  run info '(automake)Extending aclocal'
  or see http://sources.redhat.com/automake/automake.html#Extending-aclocal
/usr/share/aclocal/freetype2.m4:7: warning: underquoted definition of AC_CHECK_FT2
/usr/share/aclocal/cppunit.m4:4: warning: underquoted definition of AM_PATH_CPPUNIT

$ ./configure --with-debug --enable-shared=yes

checking dynamic linker characteristics... Win32 ld.exe
checking if libtool supports shared libraries... yes
checking whether to build shared libraries... yes
checking whether to build static libraries... no
creating libtool
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating config.h

$ make
ar cru .libs/xdebug.a xdebug.o xdebug_code_coverage.o xdebug_com.o
xdebug_handler_gdb.o xdebug_handler_php3.o xdebug_ha
ndlers.o xdebug_llist.o xdebug_hash.o xdebug_profiler.o xdebug_superglobals.o
xdebug_var.o usefulstuff.o
ranlib .libs/xdebug.a
creating xdebug.la
(cd .libs && rm -f xdebug.la && ln -s ../xdebug.la xdebug.la)
/bin/bash /cygdrive/c/lib/xd/xdebug/libtool --mode=install cp ./xdebug.la
cp ./.libs/xdebug.lai /cygdrive/c/lib/xd/xdebug/modules/xdebug.la
cp ./.libs/xdebug.a /cygdrive/c/lib/xd/xdebug/modules/xdebug.a
ranlib /cygdrive/c/lib/xd/xdebug/modules/xdebug.a
chmod 644 /cygdrive/c/lib/xd/xdebug/modules/xdebug.a
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