[xdebug-general] Sourceview of Files in kcachegrind on Cygwin/X

From: Sencer <alisencer[@]gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 13:12:22 -0800


XDebug2 is generating profiling output that I can load in KCachegrind
on Cygwin/X just fine.The Cushion Treemaps are working, too. But it
doesn't generate any Call-graphs, and It also doesn't show the source
of the file.

The error message reads:
There is no source available for function
because its source file
can't be found. Add the folder of this
file to the folder list in the configuration.

However the folder list is set correctly. In the window where I start
kcachegrind, I can see which files are checked, when I select a row in
the left pane of kcachegrind. And there it definitely says:

Checking /cygdrive/c/somepath/somefile.php

When I copy that path and use it in a shell-command it works
correctly, so the path must be correct. Am I right in assuming that
this is a kcachegrind or kcachegrind-on-Cygwin problem? Has anyone
with a similar setup (not?) the same problem?

btw: I am running apache/php on windows, so Xdebug outputs
windows-type paths, that I am converting with a shell script to
unix-type-paths. The problem appears with both path-types.


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