[xdebug-general] Can't get xdebug.so to load with Apache2 module

From: Jan Schneider <jan[@]horde.org>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:41:21 +0100


I'm banging my head at this. I already gave up for a few months and tried
again, but still am not able to load xdebug.so properly.

What works:
Loading xdebug.so in both debug and non-debug built for CLI SAPI, both using
zend_extension_debug=/full/path/to/xdebug.so (which is strange because
zend_extension_debug should *not* work with non-debug builds), specified in

What doesn't work:
Loading xdebug.so in an Apache2 prefork PHP.
I tried both, debug and non-debug builds, both zend_extension and
zend_extension_debug, both full path to xdebug.so and only xdebug.so with
specifying the correct extension_dir, both path with quotes and without,
all specified in php.ini (and no, I don't have another php-*.ini). Nothing
worked or triggered any message that might give a hint.


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