[xdebug-general] wishlist to xdebug

From: Seung Woo Shin <segv74[@]gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 11:47:58 +0900

php support templating.
it makes web programming very easy at the beginning. but, code get longer.
soon we have to web surfing in our own php source. i mean we have to find out
our php codes hided in 1000 lines of HTML(web) code, especially working on
other developer's source

yeah, i know it's not good coding style, but, a lot of php source are.

so, i thought what if output have a file/line information that they are written.
i think it will greatly help to develop or to debug.
problem is how to send these additional information to developer. and
my idea is like this.

1) open web browser with XDEBUG_ECHO_INFO=on

2) then, xdebug intercept all output and convert.
    like this php code.

    $output = intercepted_output;
    echo "<a href=src_view.php?file=$file&lineno=$lineno

    then with option, we can see not the page, but the HTML source.
    and click certain area, we can jump to exactly same line they were written.

how about this idea. In my case, it will be very helpful.

xdebug knows current line file numbers, IMHO it can be done by just
switching op code handler of echo in a lot of cases.
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