[xdebug-general] Re: problems install kcachegrind

From: Michael Kimsal <mgkimsal[@]conduit-it.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:33:12 -0500

Demian Turner wrote:

> Has anyone had success installing kcachegrind on Fedora Core 2? I
> realise this app is meant to be run under KDE, but I thought it might
> be possible to run under gnome and would really like to use Xdebug for
> profiling and memory usage reporting.
> I successfully installed a number of dependencies required by the app
> but in the configure for kcachegrind I can't get past:
> checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0) (headers and
> libraries) not found. Please check your installation!
> For more details about this problem, look at the end of config.log.
> My qt version is 3.3 and passing the path as an arg to configure
> doesn't help:
> ./configure --with-qt-libraries=/usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib
> ./configure --with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt-3.3

Can you not just yum it? I thought that's what I did on FC2 (before I
swapped it out for mandrake!) I know I had it running on FC2, but
perhaps it just came with the 'install everything' approach.
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