[xdebug-general] Blank output

From: Araceli Pulido <apulido[@]trymedia.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 17:18:35 +0100

Hello. I'm trying to profile a script that produces a large amount of output
(~5MB XML) and time (~20s). When profiling with XDebug 2 (CVS) it creates
the profile file correctly, with about 25MB of information. When I try to
open it with Kcachegrind it gives no error message (like everything were
fine), but it the output it gives has no information at all. Does anybody
know if Xdebug has memory limitations (or Kcachegrind)?

Thanks in advance, Araceli.
Received on Fri Nov 19 2004 - 17:17:46 GMT

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