[xdebug-general] Re: (Hopefully) a simple question about installing Xdebug on Linux - "make" syntax

From: Tama Easton <teaston[@]vorb.org.nz>
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 22:40:41 +1200

Hi Derick

Unbelievably I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to disable the Zend
Optimizer with no luck - I would have thought that:

Or just the top line and the other 4 lines removed/ commented out would
keep it happy. But everytime I restart the Apache server and load up
phpinfo it still shows the Zend Optimizer being enabled. I've searched
the web for a reason for it not to be disabled and am a bit of a loss.

Anyway, it's bed time at my end of the world. I really appreciate all of
the help you've given me. From the experience of running a busy website
I know what it's like to be bombarded with e-mails.


Derick Rethans wrote:

>Hello Tama,
>On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, Tama Easton wrote:
>>Ah - I have the answer. This is from my error logs:
>>PHP Fatal error: [Zend Optimizer] Zend Optimizer 2.5.3 is incompatible
>>with Xdebug 1.3.2 in Unknown on line 0
>>Here are my versions:
>>PHP API 20020918
>>PHP Extension 20020429
>>Zend Extension 20021010
>>I thought that this was compatible with 1.3.2 so I went and had another
>>I found xdebug.so was in /usr/lib/php4 so I re-entered that into php.ini
>>- the server restarts and pages load - there's no errors in the log -
>>but nothing about xdebug shows up in the PHPInfo:
>>Any ideas?
>Yeah, ZendOptimizer blocks the loading of other Zend Extenions (like
>xdebug). You can only get Xdebug working if you disable the Zend
>Optimizer. I don't know why the Zend people do this, but it's sure as
>hell annoying and not something that I can fix. From you phpinfo() I see
>that the Optimizer (and Extension Manager) are still enabled, so you'll
>have to disable those first.
>PS: Please keep cc-ing the mailinglist.
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