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Spring is in the air! It's a great time to take advantage of the outdoor offerings like guided canoe trips at our Environmental Research Center on Maryland's Eastern Shore or a visit to the Asia Trail at the National Zoo.

Even if you can't visit in person this month, you can still explore the world with the Smithsonian online. Visit one of our Webby Award winning websites, like , Cooper-Hewitt's and the

We bring culture and traditions from across the globe to your doorstep not only through our websites, but with traveling exhibitions, festivals, educational programs, and e-newsletters like .

April 2007 Smithsonian Focus
International Programs
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International Programs

Experience the art and culture of Asia and Africa coming to life at and the. Meet performers, craftspeople, and cooks from places like the Mekong River and Latino Chicago at the on the National Mall. At the , get close to endangered species from across the globe while scientists work behind the scenes to save their populations. The world is a big place, but the delivers it to your doorstep.


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