[xdebug-dev] Re: Makefile.in 'missing' @ xdebugclient ./configure

From: Richard <openmacnews[@]gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 07:28:58 -0700

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hi derick,

Derick Rethans wrote, On 8/12/06 4:35 AM:
> Basically, the same ones as PHP itself prefers: autoconf 2.13 and
> automake 1.4-p6.

>> and, b4 i downgrade, is it something you hope to fix anytime in the
>> near future?

i recognize/understand the statement :-)

fwiw, those version were released:

        autoconf-2.13.tar.gz 15-Jan-1999 16:03 433k
        automake-1.4-p6.tar.gz 27-Jul-2002 17:31 366k

whereas the current release versions, far more likely to be found in a
typical dev toolkit, i'd argue:

        autoconf-2.60.tar.gz.sig 26-Jun-2006 13:02 1k
        automake-1.9.6.tar.gz 10-Jul-2005 16:37 962k

also, fyi, those versions are older than even the *SHIPPING* bundled
versions provided with current OSX 10.4.7 DevTools:

        autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.59
        automake (GNU automake) 1.6.3

and also ships w/:

        PHP Version => 4.4.1

i'd bet, as well, that most current *nix distros that release php also
ship with autoconf/automake a bit newer than those ...

although i can see the "prefers" statement in the php release docs,
imho, i'd be surprised if those versions were, in fact, 'really' the
'preferred' versions. of course, although i suspect someone simply
hasn't upgraded that prerequisite statement (not like it hasn't happened
b4! ;-) ), i can't prove it ...

and you, most certainly, are in a better position to know for sure :-)

> If I figure out how to fix it I will... but I don't know a lot about
> autoconf and automake :)


if i may be so bold, per above, i'd argue an update to newer versions is
 probl'y not a 'bad thing' :-)



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