[xdebug-dev] Re: xdebug breakpoints and profiling

From: Derick Rethans <derick[@]xdebug.org>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 15:09:26 +0200 (CEST)

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Linus McCabe wrote:

> I've sent a couple of mails to the xdebug mailinglist, but since I didnt get a
> reply, I thought I'd try to email you in person again.

I was on holiday - please keep sending things to the mailinglist so that
it gets archived.

> If I query XDebug with feature_get about breakpoint_set, I get the reply:
> <response command="feature_get" transaction_id="2"
> feature_name="breakpoint_set" supported="1"></response>
> In your last mail you said that 'supported="1"' means it understood the query,
> but how am i to interpret the empty data? Breakpoints obviously works...

Ok, it seems we've some inconsistencies here then - can you file a bug
report for this in case you didn't do that yet?

> Furthermore, when i try to set conditional breakpoints, xdebug says it doesent
> support that breakpoint type. Doesent it? How can I query a DGBp debugger
> about the different kind of breakpoints it supports?

I don't think you can query for this, the protocol doesn't allow this,
but you do get an correct error code/message back in this case, so it's
not that much of a problem, is it? And I do want to support conditional
breakpoints in the future.

> Also, is there a way to control profiling by using the DGBp protocol? I'd like
> to be able to turn it on and specify during the initial 'Starting' period. If
> this isnt currently possible, would you consider implementing it or accept a
> patch that does (if I sent you a patch of good enough quality)?

I definitely want to do this, if you can come up with a patch -> great.

> Also, either I'd like to receive the filename of the dump or the actual dump
> through the DBGp channel after the debugging is over.

We should provide functions for this in the "stopping" state AFAIK.

> My last question is about typemap_get, XDebug supports the hash type, but it
> doesent specify that it maps to hash. Should a DGBp implementation excpect
> the basic types to map to themselfed (ie hash -> hash, int -> int, etc) if
> they're not specified? Or is it a bug of XDebug that it doesent send
> information about 'hash' ?

It should have information about that - if you have time for a patch,
please provide one - otherwise please provide a bugreport.

> The DGBp documentation is ood, but as you might understand from my questions,
> it lacks a few things ;). Also, it would be great if it was documented
> (perhaps it is?) what XDebug supports more in detail.

You mean dbgp wise?


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